In the last blog, we focused on some of the causes of pollutants in the air of our homes. This blog will focus on doing something about it.

Minimizing the hazards, how?

Newer furniture and soft furnishings can contain formaldehyde this can release toxic gas. Make sure to have good air flowing in these places. Cushions, curtains and all soft furnishings will all benefit from a good airing out.

A good number of people nowadays are switching to non chemical cleaners. This is a very good way of reducing potential respiratory issues. If, however, you only like a chemical cleaner, then see if there is a non aerosol version. This is a much safer option.

If you or someone in your household is a smoker, the best option is to smoke outside. In this way you are reducing the amount of toxic chemicals that come from tobacco smoke into your home.

If you use heaters that are kerosene or gas, be certain to have a good air flow throughout the room to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide that is emitted from these appliances. Its a good idea to do this even when using a stove etc.

Regularly cleaning and vacuuming areas where your pets spend time is also a good way to reduce allergens in your home. Keeping your pets well groomed and bathed often is recommended as well.

Mold prone areas (like your basement) are important to have inspected regularly. This can be done by a certified home inspector.

We can conclude then, that there are many, simple ways to reduce air pollutants in the home.