Planning for a time when age may make you less active is not a pleasant prospect, but if you are approaching retirement age, planning for a time when this might happen is a wise thing to do. What kind of things can you plan for to make life easier later on?


Living a lifestyle that is as active and healthy as possible is essential to feeling young, but when it comes to things like our home, what other practical things can we do?


Discuss the plans you have with family members. This is a vital step in ensuring that your family can make the correct decisions for you if the need should arise. One subject that is good to discuss is whether you would like to stay in your home if you become less mobile or whether you would be happy to move to a place that is equipped for your needs.


This might be a fitting time to think about starting a separate savings account for future house maintenance. Houses need a lot of up keep so preparing for this now will help to eliminate worry in the future. Maybe it is also an appropriate time to review your finances and retirement plans to make sure they are all in order.


This could be a good time to start looking at any areas of the home that need work or that will need doing in the next few years. How is the roof or heating system for example? If you are thinking of remodeling some rooms of the house, could you add certain features that would be good for someone with limited mobility?


As difficult as it can be to think of such a time, much stress can be eliminated by preparing now. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an inspection of your home, please feel free to contact us.