Trampolines are a enjoyable addition to a yard. They can also be a great way to exercise. Although children are often the ones who get the most use out of them, adults have fun with them too. But how do we make sure that trampolines stay a fun activity and don’t become a danger in the yard? What are the possible dangers of trampolines?

One of the most effective ways to keep children safe is to supervise them when they are using a trampoline. While its going to be more enjoyable for a child to jump at the same time with their friends, it is also a lot more hazardous, as children can easily land in a bad position or bump into each other while jumping. The safest way is for only one person at a time to use it.

Take every precaution to ensure safety when using a trampoline. Metal parts such as springs need to be covered with padding. Having a safety net is also an important factor when it comes to staying safe as this will prevent landing anywhere other than on the trampoline itself.

Try to position your trampoline in a well lit area, this will make it clear for the person jumping to see where they are landing. Another good safety suggestion is to keep the trampoline on a spongy textured flooring such as wood chips.

Trampolines can look like so much fun that they make even the most non agile among us want to try it, and think we can act like a professional gymnast without causing ourselves any injury. Severe head and neck injuries have resulted from landing badly on a trampoline.

The truth is that if you have a trampoline in your yard, you could feel very responsible if any injury occurred because of letting someone misuse it. We can still have fun though, and be safe at the same time.