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My name is Scot Baker, Certified Master Home Inspector. We are a full service home inspection company that takes pride in our trade.


Being a Certified Master Inspector means that we are the best of the best. CMI is the highest designation in the home inspection industry, and we have worked hard for clients like you for years to have earned that designation.


Our home inspections are thorough and detailed, but we also make sure that our home inspection reports are easy to read. All of this so that you are the most empowered buyer possible.


We are also available after your home inspection for any questions. We value your business and work hard to make you happy!


We use thermal imaging, drones, and our proprietary BIGCrawler to make sure we get into every nook and cranny possible. “We go where other inspectors can’t”.



We are Board Certified Master Home Inspectors. Certified Master Inspectors (CMI’s) are the best inspectors in the world. CMI is a professional designation available to qualifying inspectors who wish to become Board-Certified by the Master Inspector Certification Board. All Certified Master Inspectors are experienced, dedicated to education and have a proven record in the inspection industry.
Every Certified Master Inspector is
EXPERIENCED All Certified Master Inspectors have completed at least 1,000 fee-paid inspections and/or hours of training and education combined.
ESTABLISHED All Certified Master Inspectors have been in the inspection business for at least three years prior to becoming Board-Certified.
PROFESSIONAL All Certified Master Inspectors abide by the inspection industry’s toughest Code of Ethics.
EDUCATED All Certified Master Inspectors have completed professional education prior to being approved.
VETTED All Certified Master Inspectors have agreed to submit periodic criminal background checks.
THE BEST Not everyone can become a Certified Master Inspector. Hiring a Certified Master Inspector means hiring the best.
BOTTOM LINE: When you’re about to make the biggest purchase of your life, make sure you hire a Certified Master Inspector.

Our Drone Inspections are meant to explore more of your home than a typical home inspector is able to explore. In addition to our thorough, hands-on home inspection approach, we make sure that every nook and crannie of your home is explored – by land or by air.
Here is an example of our BIGCrawler finding a shower leak in a crawlspace that the average home inspector (or even just a normal sized human) would not be able to fit into. This shower leak would not have been able to have been found otherwise.

To show how small of a space that our BIGCrawler can get into we demonstrate it working under a home in a tight crawlspace. Imagine the defects that we are able to find in your potential home!

We inspect where others can’t. Here is our BIGCrawler working its way on a roof top. We work hard to provide the best, most thorough home inspection for each and every client!

We understand that a home is the largest purchase that most of us will ever make in life. Most clients, especially first time home buyers, may be nervous, and they want to know everything they can about the home, how it works, and what issues there are.

We keep this in the forefront of our minds on each and every home inspection. We inspect your home as if it were our own. We care about our clients, and we work hard to provide you with the best inspection possible.

If you honor us with the privilege of inspecting your new home, we will give you our very best – each and every time.

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