In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Baker Inspection Group is implementing immediately a series of best practices following the guidelines established by the International Association of Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).

INSPECTOR ONLY: We kindly ask clients, homeowners and Realtors to not attend the inspection and arrangements be made for children, relatives, and others to be out of the home during the inspection if possible. Realtors, if you need to provide access to the home, we ask that you provide a code to enter the home. If you must attend or be on site to unlock the property, we ask that you remain outside.

If the Client wishes to attend, do so only at the end of the inspection. Do not bring children, relatives, contractors, and others to the inspection. Reschedule the inspection if you wish to attend, and if you feel sick, or if you exhibit symptoms of respiratory illness.

SOCIAL DISTANCE: In case a homeowner or Realtor must stay at the property, a 6-foot distance should always be observed.

PPE: Inspector will use personal protection equipment while indoors, such as masks, gloves and shoe covers at all inspections.

“SICK HOUSE”: In case the property is deemed to be in “unsanitary conditions” (sick house), inspection will be rescheduled

INSPECTOR HEALTH: If the Home Inspector is not feeling well, the home inspection will be rescheduled.


After the inspection report is issued (next evening or sooner) the Inspector is available to schedule a conference call to go through the inspection report with client and his/her Realtor.

Performing the inspection alone allows me to focus my attention solely on your inspection while maintaining everyone’s safety and well-being. Because my inspection process and subsequent report is very detailed, these updated policies should in no way affect the quality of your inspection.

We all need to work together to stem the tide of Coronavirus (COVID-19). We appreciate your cooperation and consideration during this unprecedented time.

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