Inspecting Where Others Can’t!

  We are a thorough and detailed home inspection company. So when we run into small spaces, high peaks, and areas that other home inspectors shy away from, that is where we shine! We enjoy climbing into attics, crawlspaces, and walking roofs – that is part of our job. But many times there are areas of a home where a home inspector can’t go. Instead of disclaiming those areas, we send in our drones. Drones help us inspect areas that other inspectors can’t. We take pride in providing this service for our clients, and giving you the best home inspection possible!
drone inspections

By Land Or By Air


We have the drone for just about every situation. Our air drones are able to get views and pictures of roofs that are too steep to walk without special equipment, peaks and valleys that are inaccessible, and to get a broader view of the subject property.

Our proprietary BIGCrawler has been instrumental in providing clients with views of crawlspaces and other areas that are otherwise inaccessible. There are times on a home inspection that a crawlspace may have never been inspected before because it was too small of a space. The BIGCrawler helps us get a view of these areas and helps us find otherwise unknown defects.

The uses and benefits of adding drones to our already thorough and detailed home inspections are too numerous to count. So if you are looking for a thorough home inspection that leaves “no stone un-turned”, then contact us today!

Example Aerial Drone Footage

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