Have you ever had mold in your home? It is one of the worst enemies of a homeowner, and it could cause many health issues, some of them quite serious. Sometimes, you might not be able to identify mold easily, but you might suspect that it is growing somewhere in your home. If you want to identify a substance, you most likely need to send it in to a lab, but you might wonder how to get a sample to send in. The answer is that you can use something that you might have sitting in a drawer at home: regular, clear tape.

Using tape to sample for mold is the simplest way to collect a sample that can show both the type of mold you’re dealing with and the severity of the contamination. This method won’t release spores in the air and cause them to spread either.

All you need to do is push the tape firmly against the area that you suspect is contaminated, tape it to the inside of a zip lock bag, close the bag up and mail it to a lab.