Baker Inspection Group is the choice for a professional swimming pool inspection. We provide to you our industry-leading inspection and inspection report that reviews all the components of your swimming pool.

We will perform a visual and operational inspection of the pool, related equipment, and areas around the pool that may be impacted by the pool. We report on safety issues, conditions, and functions of the pool, equipment, and ancillary items. 

We do not make any repairs, nor do we perform any pressure testing of plumbing lines as part of an inspection. If there is reason to suspect underground lines are leaking, we will make the recommendation to perform any necessary pressure testing. 

When we generate your pool report, we include the photos and comments related to repairs that were found to be needed. All the comments and the repairs we recommend are reported from the viewpoint of conditions of the pool as it stands on the day of the inspection. Because we are not contractors, our professional recommendations are trustworthy. 

For more information or to schedule your pool inspection, contact us today. 

Some of The Items We Inspect for Include: 

  1. Safety Features 

A pool inspection will determine if a pool complies with safety regulations. 

  1. Physical Conditions of the Pool Structure, Interior, Materials and the Deck 

A pool inspection will look for deterioration. 

  • Interior Finish 

A pool inspection will look at the inground pool’s interior, usually marcite, quartz aggregate or pebble. 

  • Tile 

A pool inspection will look at the tiles used along the pool’s waterline to help waterproof the pool structure. 

  • Coping 

A pool inspection will look at the coping pieces for stains or cracks for potential problems. 

  • Decking 

A pool inspection will assess how the deck looks in terms of the surface, the color, and the overall condition. 

  1. Equipment 

A pool inspection will also assess the condition of the equipment that runs your potential new pool. We will turn on all the systems and observe them at work. 

  • Pump 

A pool inspection will confirm that the pump is bolted to the equipment pad, free of leaks, properly wired and grounded with a ground fault interrupter (GFI). The time clock should be working properly as well. 

  • Filter 

A pool inspection will look at the pool filter, which captures dirt and debris from water passing through it. 

  • Heater 

A pool inspection will verify that the heater—like the pump—is properly grounded. The inspector will turn on the heater to make sure it is succeeding in boosting the water temperature. 

  • Pool with a Spa 

A pool inspection will test the spa blower and check that is has a properly operating GFI and is grounded. Check that it’s wired correctly and that each jet delivers a balanced, strong output. 

  • Automatic Pool Cover 

A superb safety and water-saving tool, an automatic pool cover is an expensive accessory you will want to be sure is in good working order. 

  • Automation 

A pool inspection will check that the base unit uses proper wiring and will advise you on the number of different pieces of equipment and features it is designed to operate. 

  • Remote Control and/or Remote Platform 

A pool inspection will check their functionality. And if there’s handheld unit, perform a test to make sure it works from inside the house. 

  • Multi-color LED Lighting 

A pool inspection will check that the LED lighting works, and that any color-changing light shows activate as well. 

  1. Infrastructure and Backyard Conditions 

A variety of other conditions and systems can affect an inground swimming pool. An inspection may uncover other issue or factors for you to consider.