1957 single-family home with crawlspace


1983 single-family home on a slab

Our reports are detailed, thorough and comprehensive. We include pictures and video, as well as clear descriptions to give you the industry’s best report. We strive to make sure that each and every item on your home inspection is easily understood. Click on the button above to see one of our sample home inspection reports.

We strive for greatness in the home inspection industry, and we bring that desire to our inspection reports. Drawing on our 40+ years of construction experience, our reports are thorough and detailed, yet very easy to read. We include expandable pictures and videos as well as very clearly written narratives. Our reports are unique to each property inspected without the added pages of Home Inspector boilerplate language that most have. We also include much of the general property information in the report also. We note the locations of utility shut-offs, major component ages, maintenance information, and much more. We do not just give you a list of issues, we also try our best to educate you on the details of the property.


We respect our client’s privacy and so does our inspection software. We will never share your private information with anyone, including outside vendors or partners that will continually contact you.

Many Home Inspectors offer reports solely in a PDF format, but we take this a significant step further by offering digital reports that include Scribeware’s Create a Request List. This easy-to-use online program eliminates the cumbersome process of copying and pasting together an inspection repair addendum. Instead, Clients and their Realtor can review each issue and click on every item they want to be repaired before the sale is finalized. At the end of this simple process, you’ll get a home repair addendum PDF attachment that can be emailed to every applicable party with just the items of concern.

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