A thorough Home Inspection is important before buying a house. It will reveal the actual state of a property and ensure that the home you choose is worth the asking price.

Here’s a list of common issues that should stop you from closing a sale:

Termite issues that might have been ignored by the previous owner most likely already caused structural problems. A pest infestation can be an expensive issue to address depending on how serious the infestation is. Once the termites are removed, the possible structural damage needs to be remedied. It could even be so serious that the home ends up being deemed unsafe for occupancy.

Another issue that should stop you from buying a house is water damage that has been left alone for a long time. Significant water damage can cause mold and structural issues. Both will be costly to repair as well as time-consuming. If a plumbing issue caused the water damage, that would also mean an additional repair cost and possibly even additional contaminants to deal with.

Foundation issues are one of the most expensive issues to fix and should not be ignored. If the home inspection report shows a foundation issue, it might be wiser to walk away from the sale. The foundation needs to be firm and sound for a home to be safe to live in. You wouldn’t want to risk the safety of your family because of ignoring a serious issue.

A house would most likely not be worth purchasing if you will end up having to replace the whole roof in the near future. The cost for a roof replacement could cost tens of thousands of dollars and be time-consuming to fix. Most likely, no amount of negotiation is going to make the purchase worthwhile, unless the seller is willing to cover the cost of a replacement.

If the inspection report shows a busted water heater or burst pipes, you have to check with your inspector if this is a major issue or just a minor repair before pushing through with the sale.

Oftentimes, older homes that are over 30 years could have outdated electrical systems and could be faulty. However, new homes could also show electrical issues, mainly caused by a DIY electrical upgrade. It will not be easy to fix the electrical problems because you need to hire a professional.