The BIGCrawler

“Inspecting Where Others Can’t”


The BIGCrawler was a project born out of a need to inspect areas of a crawlspace during a home inspection that were, until now, inaccessible with typical means. When we started our project it had a stationary GoPro camera mounted on sheet metal to the front of the crawler.

This project has been in non-stop development as we continue to make enhancements to what is the now the benchmark in first person view crawlspace inspection vehicles.

We researched many different platforms before settling on the chassis we currently use. This one has given us both a very low overall height (only 6-1/4” to the top of the light bar) along with great ground clearance (nearly 3”) that allows it to go under or over most crawlspace obstructions. The electronics and camera equipment are centrally located on the BIGCrawler for the proper weight bias; front to back, great overall balance and a low center of gravity. No anti-tip devices needed on the BIGCrawler.


A six-channel radio system was chosen for control (the right stick controls the crawler movement, the left stick controls the pan and tilt movements for the camera). Another channel is used to allow you to remotely change from stand-by (not recording), to 1080p video recording, to 16M picture taking all from the controller.

You can record the crawlspace, when you see a problem you can switch remotely to taking pictures, take a few of the problem, then switch back to video and continue inspecting. All from the transmitter.

We have replaced the motor and gearing to slow down the BIGCrawler to allow for easier control which allows for precise driving in tight spots. Led light bars illuminate the crawlspace for brighter viewing. Two separate Lipo batteries provide power for the crawler and the lighting.

See The BIGCrawler In Action

BIGCrawler and viewing screen shown



Crawlspace conditions are viewed through a 7” DVR screen mounted to the transmitter. Recording of the video is handled by a micro SD memory card at the camera.

Custom designed 3D printed parts and frame panels have been made to mount the electronics.

Parts have also been designed to help navigate the crawlspace such as; extended side panels to keep cables and wires out of the wheels and a rear mounting hole provided for a leash.

This has been a well thought out project, built over time, with technologies that did not exist prior, to help overcome accessibility issues for us as Home Inspectors to better serve our clients.

Cost of unit to purchase: $2149.99 plus tax (where applicable) and shipping and handling.