The BIGCrawler 360

Introducing the BIGCrawler 360!

BIGCrawler2 and BIGCrawler360

Our original BIGCrawler has proven to be the most capable crawlspace UGV available, we have built and improved on that platform with our new BIGCrawler2 and BIGCrawler360 models.

The improvements start with our all-new chassis. The front and rear axles are now both Hi-Pinion Gear, small pumpkin style housings with increased driveline height. This translates into increased ground clearance and has improved its ability to go over obstacles, like 4” cast plumbing drain pipes.

The steering is vastly improved with the addition of 8-degree kingpin angles and full 45-degree turning making these the tightest turning BIGCrawlers we have built. The electronics are correctly positioned on the chassis to create the correct low center of gravity and forward weight bias.

We have kept the overall height low (6-1/2” to the top of the roll bar) while significantly increasing the ground clearance, this allows it to go around, under or over most crawlspace obstructions.


More New and Improved Features!

Custom in house 3D engineered and printed ABS parts have been made to create the BIGCrawler. With a wide variety of colors available to customize your BIGCrawler to your company colors. From the front bumper designed for great approach angle and the ability to glide over vapor barriers, to the rear electronics box with vented lid and leash attachment point, all work together to create a sleek and functional package. Wiring is hidden from damage, the roll bar at the top protects the camera in case of a rollover. Side panels were designed to keep cables and wires from getting wrapped around the tires.

The motor and gearing were changed to slow down the BIGCrawler, this allows easier control which allows for precise driving in tight spots. Three LED light bars to illuminate the crawlspace for viewing and proper recording of conditions.


We introduce our one switch activation system. You can now power up the BIGCrawler with the throw of a single switch.

The BIGCrawler360 is based on the BIGCrawler2. Additional features include; three additional LED light bars, (one at each side panel and one at the rear) to provide even lighting for the 360 camera. Bodywork changes include wider side panels and a rear light bar with integral mounts for the LED lights, a mount for the Theta Ricoh 360 camera (camera not included) and a wiring box with switch for the additional lighting.

A six-channel radio system was chosen for control, the right stick controls the crawler steering and motor, the left stick controls the 180-degree pan and tilt movements for the camera. A 3-position switch is used to allow you to remotely change from stand-by (not recording), to 1080p video recording, or to 16M picture taking, all from the controller.

You can record the crawlspace, when you see a problem, you can remotely switch to taking pictures, take a few of the problem, then switch back to video and continue inspecting.

Crawlspace conditions are viewed through a 7” HD viewing screen mounted to the controller. Recording of the video is handled by a micro SD memory card at the camera.

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Crawlspace conditions are viewed through a 7” HD viewing screen mounted to the controller. Recording of the video is handled by a micro SD memory card at the camera.

Both the BIGCrawler2 and the BIGCrawler360 were built using the ideas and techniques I learned from building the original. These improvements have made for a more user-friendly experience, with ease of use and enhanced crawlspace maneuverability.

Both units come complete, fully assembled and tested, ready to inspect with everything included in the box. You can take it out of the box and go directly into inspecting a crawlspace.  Case not included.

The cost of the BIGCrawler 2 is $2299.99 + S&H and tax if applicable.

The BIGCrawler 360 (Ricoh Theta 360 camera not included) is $2499.99 + S&H and tax if applicable.