Nothing feels better on a hot day than to take a dip in a swimming pool.  In the summer months children enjoy spending hours at the pool.  If you are someone who has a swimming pool in your backyard, you will be aware that you can never be too careful when it comes to pool safety, especially with small children.

Children under age 5 are most at risk of drowning even in a shallow body of water.  The problem is that it can happen very fast, often before someone realizes the child is missing.  If you have a pool it is imperative that you become familiar with the guidelines for pool barriers, especially if small children live there or will be visiting.  This doesn’t just apply to in ground pools but also above ground pools and hot tubs.


Doors in the home that have direct access to the pool should be fitted with an alarm that will go off when opened, the alarm sound should be different from any other sound in the home and needs to be loud enough to be heard in all areas of the house.  This will prevent a small child from going out to the pool undetected.


There are different forms of pool barrier, for example, they can be a wall or fencing.  The important thing is that it meets the specific guidelines laid out for pool barriers.  It should be the correct height and spacing.  Although it is harder for a child to climb into an above ground pool, its important that the means of accessing the pool such as steps or a ladder are secured and locked when the pool is unattended.


Always remember that children can get themselves through very small spaces so make sure your pool barrier makes it impossible for a child to get under, through or over it.