Many homeowners wonder whether a tree (or trees) situated very close to the home itself should be a reason for worry. In this month’s blog, we are going to address this subject by discussing some of the potential problems that can arise when a tree is positioned too close to the home.

Perhaps one of the main causes of concern is whether the roots of the tree will damage the home’s foundation. There are some factors to consider here, such as the size and type of tree, but if the tree roots become large enough, they can grow underneath the foundation and cause it to lift. Another problem could come from roots finding their way into the holes and cracks that develop in the building’s foundations over time.

Another key step in determining whether a tree will damage a home is its condition. If a tree is dying or in bad shape, it presents more of an immediate danger as tree limbs or branches could fall and damage the roof, cut off power and communication lines, or worse still, injure someone. Branches and leaves are also likely to block gutters and drains which will need to be cleaned regularly if you are to prevent moisture intrusion issues. When a tree is close to the home, it also gives pests like insects and rodents greater ability to gain access to different levels of the house.

Trees that are in close proximity to a house could also become a fire risk as they could aid the spread of a fire to different areas of the house. In high wildfire risk areas, this should be of great concern.

If you feel worried that a tree is at risk of damaging your home, what can you do? A home inspection can help as it will determine whether the tree has created any structural issues. You should also have the trees trimmed regularly.



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