If we are fortunate enough to have an at-home gym or some type of exercise equipment at home, we may well be using it a whole lot more lately.  As is the case with any type of machinery, however, there can be safety risks if we are not careful, especially in households with small children.  So, here are a few basic gym equipment safety reminders:

A treadmill is a very common exercise machine to have at home.  They usually come with a safety key designed so that whoever is using the machine can attach it to themselves.  In this way, if a problem occurs while the treadmill is running it will immediately stop, preventing the risk of injury.  Make sure that anyone using the machine is aware of this safety feature.

Weights and barbells can be a danger to children so make sure they are stored in a way that they cannot gain access to them.

If you enjoy listening to music or tv while working out it can limit your ability to hear anyone around you and could put them and you at risk of accident, especially if it is a small child.  A good way to address this problem is to position your exercise equipment in such a way that you can clearly see whoever enters the room.  This will prevent anyone from entering without your notice.

When not in use, store exercise machines in their locked positions and check that no cords or wires are hanging from them.  For an extra level of safety, you may want to unplug them after use which would prevent a child from turning them on accidentally.  If at all possible it is best to store all gym equipment in a lockable room.

During a period when we are all at home a lot more, it’s good to be aware of our safety both indoors as well as out.