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We are always contributing to the home inspection and real estate industry. We utilize our knowledge and experience to deliver the best information possible. Because of this and other factors, we were approached by Redfin to contribute to one of their articles. You can see our contribution below, or click here to see the full article.

Inspecting the driveway

All parts of the home need to work in unison and that includes your driveway. When entering a driveway you’ll want to look at its surface conditions, levelness, and the areas around the driveway.

Walk the entire driveway, noting any deterioration, cracking, heaving or settling. Driveways are known to crack over time but the reasons behind these cracks can vary, such as:

  • Improper compaction of the soil prior to pouring the concrete.
  • Trees near the driveway can cause heaving if their roots grow underneath the concrete.
  • A slope in the driveway can cause rainwater to settle, causing it to erode the supporting dirt below.
  • Deterioration of any wood used in the pouring of the driveway may leave a gap that can both become a tripping hazard and a means of moisture entering the fissure, causing more damage.

Scot Baker
Baker Inspection Group – Modesto, CA