Some individuals choose to sell their home “as is”.  Reasons for this can be that the seller would rather not spend a lot of money to fix up the property or, perhaps, become liable for any defects.  But, does this mean that it is not worth it to buy a property “as is”?


Not necessarily, if you find this type of property at a good price, it may well be the right choice for you, but there are some ways you can make sure you’re making a good decision.  The first step would be to have a home inspector perform a detailed home inspection on it.  Why is that?  Though the property comes “as is” it might be tough to determine exactly what this means just by doing a walk through of it.  While it, doubtless, has some obvious issues, it needs a trained eye to see the not so evident problems.  By having the home inspection performed, you will have a better idea of whether you are ready to take on such a property.


If the property is located in a State that requires the seller to provide a written disclosure which shows the properties condition, you may think this is all you need, but sad to say, very often a lot of information is missing from that disclosure.  Your home inspector will be able to determine if the seller has left out vital information about the state of the property and if they have, the best decision would be to walk away from the sale.


So, as we can see, buying a property “as is” can be a good option but make sure you go into it as informed as possible.  Here at Baker Inspection Group we will be happy to assist you with all your home inspection needs.