When creating a landscape for your outdoor area, should aesthetics be the only thing you think about? Did you know that a carefully thought-out landscape can, not only be very enjoyable to look at but could also save you money? How so? By using the landscape shading method. This method uses strategically positioned trees and shrubs to provide shade to areas of the house that see a lot of sun. If done correctly, landscape shading can reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 9 degrees, which I’m sure you will agree will make quite a difference.

One of the keys to success with landscape shading is knowing precisely where to plant the trees so that they provide shade at the hottest time of day during the hottest months of the year. As you can imagine, this will require a lot of planning and forethought. Another consideration is the type of trees you will use. If you would like the maximum amount of shade possible, then you will need a dense tree. If you only want shade during the summer months and would like to benefit from the warmth of the sun during the cooler months, then try to select deciduous trees as they will lose their leaves in the winter.

Naturally, freshly planted trees and shrubs will take some time to achieve their maximum height, so it’s good to be aware that it may take a while before you enjoy the full benefits of landscape shading. For those of you who want more immediate results, you could opt for vines instead. Vines can be grown around a fence or trellis and will deliver a good amount of shade.

Yes, a strategically thought-out landscape will not only be beautiful to look at but can also help save you money on indoor cooling and heating costs.