Having the right levels of humidity in the home is important for a comfortable indoor environment. While too much humidity can produce various problems, air that is too dry also has its share of disadvantages and can cause anything from skin irritations to a build-up of static electricity. Extremely dry air can also cause wooden furniture to warp and wallpaper to peel. In cases like this, you may decide to invest in a central humidifier.

Although a stand-alone humidifier can work well, it can only cover a small area. Alternatively, a central humidifier is connected to the home’s forced-air system. It is then fed water using an attachment to the plumbing system. This way all areas of the home can benefit from dry air relief instead of just one area.

For a central humidifier to maintain a healthy environment for the occupants of the home it will require good maintenance and regular cleaning. Otherwise, it could accumulate too much moisture which would encourage the growth of unhealthy bacteria such as mold and mildew.

When deciding whether a central humidifier would work for your house, be sure you do plenty of research ahead of time and check that you would be able to maintain it properly. If you already live in a home that has a central humidifier, do you know when you last had it inspected? If it has been a while, you may want to put it on your list of high-priority home maintenance tasks.



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