Have you ever had sewer gas leaking into your home?  You would likely recognize it from its horrible odor.  There are a number of common causes for this but, whatever the cause, its wise to get the problem looked at.  Why is this so important? Well,not only does it produce a noxious odor, but it can cause other problems that would put the homes occupants at risk.  Among those risks are the possibility of fire or explosion, risk of asphyxiation from sewer gas displacing oxygen in the home and hydrogen sulfide poisoning which is also very dangerous.

As we already mentioned, there are a variety of common causes for sewer gas to start leaking into a home.  One is if plumbing fixtures are drying out.  This would also mean that plumbing traps are drying out and would no longer be able to prevent gas from backing up into the home due to the lack of water barrier. You might experience this with toilets, sinks and showers etc. that are not used often or during times of dry weather.

Cracks in plumbing drains or vent pipes can also cause sewer gas to leak into the home.  Cracks found in vent pipes are harder to identify but could be causing a decent amount of sewer gas to enter in.  Some other common causes for sewer gas to leak into a property are from plumbing vents that have been placed too close to air intakes, wind and air flow around the property which allows sewer gases to enter and cracks in the foundations of the home.

These are a few of the common reasons that sewer gas will leak into a home.  If you are smelling sewer gas in your home, make sure to have it checked out.  This way you make sure you and your household stay safe from the risks of sewer gas.