Are you thinking about starting your own compost pile? If you are new to gardening, you may be discovering the benefits of doing so but, in order to compost successfully it’s important to know how to handle it safely, otherwise, you may expose yourself to some of the dangerous pathogens generally present in compost. When handling compost, it’s important to follow these basic reminders:

It’s important to remember that compost can be combustible if it is not stored properly. Keep your compost in a receptacle that allows for good airflow.

Thoroughly wash your hands after you come into contact with compost. Yes, this is a very obvious reminder but it’s surprisingly easy to forget to do so, particularly if you are carrying on with some other aspect of gardening immediately after handling it.

If you want to limit your chances of spreading hazardous pathogens that are found in compost then you should have as little contact with it as you can. When you are handling compost, make sure you wear a good pair of gloves, protective clothing, and appropriate footwear. Remove all these items before you enter the home.

If you have done some research on composting you will be aware that it needs to break down and to do this it must be tilled. If you are tilling manually make sure you are wearing a proper mask to avoid inhaling any dangerous spores being thrown into the air from the rotting matter. On days that are very windy, it is better to avoid tilling. If you do not protect yourself you could be exposed to some unpleasant health conditions.

So, while composting has its advantages, it is important to handle it safely so that you avoid its dangers.