Hiring the right person to work on your home may seem like a difficult challenge, especially if you’ve just relocated to a new area. How can you find out whether they will be honest and dependable or not? Here are a few telltale signs that will help you to spot a dishonest tradesperson.

Ask them questions. Don’t be afraid to ask a person about the jobs they’ve done previously, what insurance they have and their location, etc. Someone who is honest and professional will have no problem providing you with the information you require. If they shy away from answering questions and want an immediate answer about hiring them for the job, you may want to reconsider having them do the work for you.

Very often a small deposit will be requested before starting the work, while this is normal you may want to be wary of anyone asking for a large deposit or even the whole amount upfront. It is better for you if you can obtain a fixed price for all the work that will be done and have this detailed in a signed contract. If not, you may discover that “added extras” have been added to the original quote.

When asking for a quote over the phone or by email, try to avoid giving out your address until after you have been given a price for the job, this is because some less than honest tradespeople will often quote a higher price to people living in more affluent areas.

There are many honest and professional tradespeople out there and by following these simple tips, it should be easier to find them.