Even though we do all we can to keep our homes a safe space to live in, accidents still happen from time to time.  One common cause of many home-related accidents is tipping furniture, this is especially dangerous for small children and has resulted in many serious injuries.

Let’s look at some ways you can stop furniture items in your home from becoming a tip-over hazard:

When looking to purchase a furniture item for the home, choose a piece that is sturdy with a wide base as this will help to minimize a tip-over risk.  You should also think about storing any heavy items on the bottom shelves or lower drawers of a unit which will help to stabilize the unit further.

If you buy furniture items that you have to assemble yourself, be sure to follow all the assembly instructions.  This type of furniture will usually come with straps or L brackets for fixing the item to the wall which is a very important thing to do for preventing tip-overs.

We all know that children love to climb on things, especially if it’s to reach for an object they want.  With this in mind, try to store these desired objects out of a child’s sight as well as out of their reach.

Another item that is a big tip-over hazard is the television.  Unless the tv is attached to the wall, place it on a low lying tv stand or unit and push the television as far back as you can on that unit.  You should also try to store any electrical cables attached to it out of the way of a child.

From time to time it’s good to look through your home and assess the potential for tip-over risks.