If you have scheduled a home inspection for your home, what are some things you can do to help your home inspector perform a thorough inspection and get the most for your money? Although a good home inspector will be as thorough as possible, there are some things that could hinder this.  Here is a few of them:


  • Many homeowners who are trying to sell their homes have a long list of repairs and sprucing up work they want to do in order to give the home more curb appeal.  It is a good idea to try and have these done before inspection day, especially things like trimming trees and shrubs that are too close to the property.


  • A home inspector needs to access all sorts of areas of the home including attic spaces and basements, if these areas do not have free and clear access, this will hinder the home inspector.  Another important thing to make sure on inspection day is to unlock all doors and gates etc.


  • Keep household pets either away from the property or in a safe and secure area.  While you may not think your pets will do any harm, pets have been known to present big problems for a home inspector.


  • Before the home inspector arrives, make sure to check that no light bulbs need replacing and that carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are all working properly and don’t require batteries.  Not having these things working correctly could actually alter the home inspectors report.


As we can see, there are numerous things that can be done by the home owner to ensure all goes smoothly on inspection day.