It can sometimes happen that while an inspection is taking place something gets damaged or broken.  Its rational to conclude that this is the home inspectors’ fault and that they should pay for the damage. However, is this always the case? Should the inspector always be to blame?  Perhaps not, lets consider the reason for saying this.


Firstly, we should mention that there are occasions when something accidentally gets broken, like a picture or other decorative item, this is not what we are discussing in this article, rather, we are talking about the type of damage that occurs as a direct result of the home inspection itself.  For example, imagine the home inspector is going about a routine inspection and a handle or a switch breaks or falls apart, this is not due to the home inspector’s incompetence, instead it shows something about the homes condition.  The home inspector has, in fact, found a defect, not caused the breakage.  A home inspector is there to determine the condition of the property, so by finding these kinds of issues they are really just doing their job, even protecting the homes occupants from finding these defects themselves and possibly causing themselves injury.


Take time to think about whether the damage would have happened regardless of who it was, if they were performing the same job.  Its clear to see that damage to a property from a home inspection doesn’t immediately mean the home inspector is at fault, it might mean they are just doing their job.