All of us are well aware that water is an essential part of our life, however, when it comes to the home water can also be something very destructive. If a home becomes water damaged this can result in all kinds of problems such as higher maintenance costs and poor indoor air quality. It could even lower the value of the property. A periodic inspection of the home will help you to detect some of the most common sources of water intrusion, allowing you to repair them quickly. Here are just some of the areas where water damage can occur in the home:

If the roof does not have suitable drainage or adequate slope water damage can occur. You may also experience water intrusion if gutters have become blocked or if any of the roof flashings have begun to leak, etc. so this is something you should regularly look out for.

Holes and cracks often naturally develop in a building’s exterior walls and foundations. If you observe this happening, waste no time in making sure you seal them up quickly to avoid moisture intrusion.

The home’s plumbing system. By nature, a plumbing system provides the possibility for water damage so regular maintenance of this system is crucial. Among the things to check for are dripping pipes, clogged drains, and leaking plumbing fixtures. As we have already mentioned, if you notice any of these problems occurring, fix the issue immediately.

An excessive amount of humidity in a building can produce several moisture-related issues. Be sure to clean and thoroughly dry off all areas that frequently collect moisture such as windows, sliding glass doors, or any other similar surface. If not, water stains can appear on walls and ceilings and indoor air can become musty smelling, indicating poor air quality.

Without a doubt, you will be able to think of many more areas in the home where moisture intrusion can become a problem. A key step to preventing water damage is regular maintenance and acting fast to fix the problem when you find one.



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