A lot of the time a home inspection is associated with an older property, one that’s had time to develop the potential for problems. If that is the case, does that mean there is no need for a home inspection on a newly constructed house? No, a home inspection is still important even when a house is new, in fact, involving your home inspector throughout the entire building process is a good idea. Here’s why:

During the construction process mistakes can be made. Although unintentionally done, these mistakes can lead to problems with the house later on, after it has been completed. For instance, if electrical fittings or pipes are damaged in some way and then covered over with drywall, any issues this may create could go unnoticed. If the home inspector is there through the different phases of construction, they would observe these problems before being covered over.

Another advantage to involving your home inspector in the construction process is that they will get to know every inch of your home, this will make future inspections of it much easier. The home inspector will also be able to diagnose issues much quicker and easier with a house they are so familiar with.

Yes, having your home inspector involved with the building process will help to assure you that the home you are moving into is safe, problem free and one you can enjoy for a long time.