If you are looking at properties to buy, you may have come across some that have a history of fire damage.

The question you may ask yourself is whether a fire-damaged home is a wise investment or not.  To help you to decide, consider these points::

Even though the fire may not have completely destroyed the home, the effects of it may linger for a long time, especially if the cleanup from it was not done immediately.  Many times, the most damage will not have come from the fire itself.  Smoke, for example, can do a lot of damage, even when the fire is small.  Smoke will fill a home creating a very hazardous environment that can lead to a number of health issues.  A fire will also leave behind caustic, toxic substances that are not visible.

When a fire breaks out every effort is made to put it out as quickly as possible using whatever means necessary.  This often involves using a great deal of water and, although it will extinguish the flames, water damage can cause some very serious issues.  If the home has not been properly treated after the fire, mold can quickly form, creating a very unhealthy environment.

So, it’s clear that when deciding whether to purchase a previously fire-damaged home, you must make sure that all the damage was dealt with quickly and thoroughly.  A comprehensive home inspection will prove vital to making the right choice.