Ceramic tile is a popular choice of flooring and is practical for many rooms of the home.  It is easy to keep clean and is hard wearing by nature.  While it is one of the more durable types of flooring, over time, it can start to show signs of wear and tear.  This will require some maintenance, so, what are some of the most common issues you might encounter with ceramic tile?


Cracks in the tiles are among the most common issues.  Simple wear and tear will cause this to happen, but there are other reasons.  For example, this will be more likely to happen in parts of the country that experience more extremes in temperature.  The reason is that highs and lows of temperature can cause a house to expand or contract, this means tile flooring can begin to crack.  If tiles have not been correctly installed, this will also be a reason they start to crack.  Grout can be used to repair smaller cracks, but, if they become to big to fill, replacing the tile may be necessary.


Another area that will require maintenance is the grout.  Over time, it can start to crumble and crack or become discolored.  To prevent this, make sure that the grout is sealed properly, if not, moisture will very easily get into it and cause deterioration.  The bathroom is an area where this is particularly important.  If you notice the grout is in bad condition, it should be removed and replaced with new grout.


As we have mentioned, problems will arise with ceramic tile if they have not been correctly installed.  You will notice that the tile will look uneven.  In such cases, the floor may need to be redone.


To sum up, then, while ceramic tile is a very good option for a home, they will still require some maintenance.