Stubborn odors in a home can be very irritating, particularly if they are not of your making.  Tobacco odor is one of those smells that hangs around for a very long time because smoke particles are very small and permeate nearly everything.  If you have moved into a home where the previous owner smoked, what are some ways to deal with the problem?

Nicotine produces a nasty oily residue which sticks to everything and is be hard to remove.  You will even find it on light bulbs which, when they are turned on and warm up, diffuse the odor into the home.  A good idea is to replace all light bulbs in the home or give them a good cleaning.  Did the home come with blinds that you want to keep? If so, take them all down and soak them in a tub with soapy water, give them a scrub and then hang them to dry.  Any other soft furnishings that came with the home that you wish to keep may need to be professionally cleaned.  Other things that should be replaced are HVAC or air conditioning filters.   

While it is not recommended to use on wood or surfaces which would be affected by acidic cleaners, you can use detergents which contain ammonia on hard surfaces.  Painting walls can also help but this does not always remove tobacco odor which may seep through.

If the home has carpet, it will probably need to be replaced as trying to remove this type of odor from a carpet is extremely difficult.  If you decide to install a new carpet, however, its important to thoroughly clean and dry the flooring underneath.

Yes, tobacco odor is very difficult to get rid of but following these brief suggestions will help with your quest for a fresh smelling home.