We have all come to rely very heavily on electricity so, if we experience a power outage for any reason, our lives can be turned into complete chaos. For some, though, it’s much more serious and can become a health and safety concern. It’s no wonder, then, that many decide to purchase a portable generator. This small machine is good for many situations. As well as power outages, portable generators are good for camping or traveling to remote locations as they can be transported easily and do not require a special permit to own one.

As with any type of machine or appliance, however, a portable generator can be dangerous if certain safety precautions are not observed. For example, portable generators should never be overloaded. This can happen very easily during a power outage if you are trying to keep every appliance running as normal. Only use it for essential appliances and be aware that a portable generator is only designed for corded appliances, not for those hard-wired to your home. This is something to particularly take note of if you rely on electricity for health reasons.

Portable generators also produce carbon monoxide which is very dangerous so never keep one running inside the house. The generator will become hot while it is running which is another danger to be aware of, especially when adding gasoline.

It’s clear, then, that there are many advantages to owning your own portable generator as long as you take every precaution necessary to stay safe while operating it.