Moving to a new house can be a very stressful process especially if you are downsizing from a large home that you have lived in for years to a smaller home.  What are some ways you can plan for moving day and eliminate some of the stress?

If the move is still some months away, now is a good time to start sorting through belongings and beginning the simplifying process. It can be pretty overwhelming to think about sorting out an entire house so, instead, just take one area at a time. For example, take one closet and go through it placing each item into different piles. Have one pile for items you want to keep, one for items to donate and one pile for a yard sale. This allows you to dispose of unwanted items by recycling them instead of placing them in the trash.

On a stressful moving day, it can be very tempting to throw everything you don’t want into the garbage just to get rid of it faster, however, that may also mean you throw away items that should not be disposed of in this way and could be bad for the environment. Some examples of this are electrical equipment, used batteries and light bulbs, chemicals and paint cans. Going through these items ahead of time will help you feel more in control on the day of the move and allow you to dispose of them properly. If you are unsure about where to take them, call your local environmental agency and they will advise you.

It is never too early to start simplifying and will help to reduce the amount of stress you feel come moving day.