For any appliance to work well it should only be used for its intended purpose and will function at its best when it is well maintained. The tumble dryer is no exception to this rule so, let’s look at one essential aspect of tumble dryer maintenance, the vent.

Why is the dryer vent so important? Tumble dryers work by blowing hot air into a rotating drum of wet clothing. As the hot air flows through the clothes, water evaporates from them. This water vapor needs to escape from the dryer and does so through an attached vent. It is not just water vapor that goes into the dryer vent, lint also forms from the clothing and must be vented out of the dryer.

What will happen if the vent is not attached? If no vent is attached to the dryer it runs the risk of overheating. Lint will also become trapped in the machine and accumulate. Because lint is extremely flammable there is a high risk the dryer will burst into flames. There have been many instances of homes being destroyed by a fire that started in a dryer.

Checking the dryer vent. Dryer vents are usually fitted to the back of the machine which is generally kept in a tight space. For this reason, it’s important to regularly check that the vent has not become detached from the machine. Dryer vents are usually made from a metal duct or bendable plastic which can easily crush or develop kinks which would restrict the flow of air so this should also be checked.

It’s very clear to see the important role the vent plays when it comes to dryer safety.