In our last blog, we talked about the average lifecycle of a home’s water heater. We are going to continue with the same theme for this blog by talking about when it is the right time to stop paying for repairs on your existing water heater and purchase a new one instead.

So, what are some of the ways you can determine whether your current water heater is worth repairing or not? Firstly, look to see if it is still under warranty, if it is, check to see if this covers labor charges as well as replacement parts. This is good to know because, depending on the kind of repair needed, labor costs can be rather expensive, if your water heater is already approaching the end of its lifespan, the price to repair it may not be worth it.

An example of this is the replacement of the sacrificial anode. The sacrificial anode is a part that commonly needs to be replaced but it can be a difficult job to do. In fact, if the job is not done correctly, it can void out the warranty altogether. Now, imagine that your water heater is very old, and you need to have this part replaced, is it worth the money to have it fixed or should you think about using the money towards a new water heater?

Something else you should think about is how much money you are spending every year on maintenance and repairs to keep your existing water heater running. If you calculate that it is costing you more than 10 percent of what it would cost you to buy and install a new water heater, then it is the right time to begin shopping for a new one.

Naturally, you will want your new water heater to last for as long as possible so donโ€™t be tempted to go for the cheapest option, remember you get what you pay for. Another tip is to look for a water heater with a long warranty as this is generally a sign of good quality.



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