Wooden siding is a material that has been used for decades on home exteriors, but were you aware that there are different kinds of wooden siding? If you are looking to redo the exterior of your home or are having a house constructed, it can be helpful to know something about the choices of exterior cladding available to you. With that in mind here are a few of the wooden siding options commonly used:

One option that will not only look good but is also durable if maintained well is solid wood or lumber. This siding is mainly placed horizontally with overlapping boards.

Plywood siding is another good choice that can also add strength and support to the structure of the home. Douglas fir, red cedar, and yellow pine are woods commonly used for this.

Many homeowners like the look of weatherboarding or clapboard. Cedar and Redwood are some of the types of wood used for this as they are strong and not so susceptible to decay.

If you want a less costly wooden siding option then hardboard may be the answer. This is generally made up of wooden fiberboard which is compressed with synthetic adhesive. To protect it from insect damage and decay, it is treated with an EPA approved preservative.

This short list of wooden siding types may help to give you a better idea of what to expect when choosing this kind of exterior cladding. Of course, your builder will be able to advise you on what is most suitable for your home and location.