Taking care of even the smallest jobs in a home will do a lot to prevent large, costly repair jobs later on.  The bathroom extraction fan is one such example, although it may not seem to do much, if it is not working correctly or has not been installed properly, if could cause much bigger problems.

The bathroom fan is designed to extract moisture from the room, this is a necessary thing in a room full of moisture.  But, for it to do this, the duct work connecting to the fan should be installed correctly and must reach all the way to the exterior of the home.  Something that we often see is that the duct work only reaches into the attic and so moisture from the bathroom is left to vent into the space.  What’s wrong with this? You may ask.  While you may not see an immediate issue in the bathroom itself, the effects will be seen in the attic.  The excess moisture will start to damage materials and will also create the ideal environment for mold to start growing. 

What if you are unsure whether your bathroom fan is working the way it should?  There are some indicators to look out for, for example, you may notice large amounts of moisture on the bathroom ceiling and tiles, paint might start to peel and bubble up, metal bathroom fixtures could begin to corrode etc.  These are all signs that moisture is not being extracted from the bathroom.

The bathroom extraction fan will easily become clogged with dirt and dust so cleaning it would be the first step, try to do this at least once a month.  If this does not solve the issue, it might be a good idea to have it inspected.  This way you can find out the reason for the problem and avoid any major issues that this will cause.